The Power of Meat Report is free for AMC attendees. To get your copy, please contact Nicole Vetsch. If you did not attend, the report is available for purchase.

Sunday, February 16


Brian Parsley, Founder, WeSkillLeadership Isn't a Title

Leadership is about influence.  The question is, are you able to influence others?  Everyone wants to believe they can "convince" people the best way is their way, but that is not leadership, it's manipulation.  Imagine if you could guide others to the decisions that benefit everyone.  In this session you will learn a different perspective around how to build a better culture in your business, and walk away with practical steps to be a better ambassador of your brand and a better leader for your team.  From CEO to sales associate, you will walk away with a renewed excitement to make a difference in your life and business.
Brian Parsley, Founder, WeSkill



Carrie Shea, President, AMG Strategic Advisors, Acosta Sales & MarketingChanging Shopper Behavior in the Meat/Poultry Category

What are the key macro shopper trends impacting the CPG and retail industry in general and the meat/poultry category?  Review changes in shopping behaviors and category dynamics, with insights on key demands and supply drivers, and implications for the meat/poultry industry in the retail environment.  Explore highlights of a just completed survey on the role of meat/poultry in consumer lives, including decision drivers impacting the purchase and consumption of meat, as well as growth opportunities for retailers and manufacturers.
Carrie Shea, President, AMG Strategic Advisors, Acosta Sales & Marketing



Jack Li, Managing Director, Datassential Creating Consumer Demand for Meat

How do we create consumer demand for meat?  This presentation will explore how restaurants are creating consumer demand and how you can use those insights and ideas to fuel your new product development processes and improve your marketing and promotion at retail.  Learn what trends are shaping how consumers eat meat and competitive proteins and how these trends can be utilized to drive shopper traffic.
Jack Li, Managing Director, Datassential

Monday, February 17

Paul Aho, Ph.D., President, Poultry Perspective  Randy Blach, CEO, CattleFax  Steve Meyer, Ph.D., President, Paragon Economics, Inc.


The Economy and Its Impact on Your Business

The world has changed and shoppers have changed with it. Find out how you may need to adapt your business because of consumer spending trends, unemployment rates, and industrial capacity. Explore the impact of economic trends on the livestock, poultry and meat retail industries. In today’s world, understanding economic trends and how they may affect your business is essential to your operation.
Randy Blach, CEO, CattleFax
Steve Meyer, Ph.D., President, Paragon Economics, Inc.



Bob Cusak, Managing Editor, The Hill and National Policy and Politics AnalystA View from The Hill

Who has the edge in the Presidential election? Are our legislators doing anything else to stimulate the job and housing market and revive the economy?  Is the Tea Party still a factor?  And why can't members of Congress just get along?  Speaker Bob Cusack has developed a nuanced, insider's knowledge of policy and politics over his years, evolving from his post at the most respected news organization in Congressional circles.  His main observation?  Politics has become much more partisan than it used to be.  Cusack's illuminating presentations are the definitive source for learning what's happening behind-the-scenes in the halls of Congress, how it could affect you, and what makes Washington's leaders tick.
Bob Cusack, Managing Editor, The Hill and National Policy and Politics Analyst


Tuesday, February 18


Anne-Marie Roerink, Principal, 210 Analytics, LLCThe Power of Meat: An In-depth Look at
Meat through the Shoppers’ Eyes

Join us for the ninth annual Power of Meat presentation to learn about ongoing and new trends in the meat department.  Unveiled at the conference, the research looks at purchasing, preparation and consumption trends through the eyes of the shopper, including channel shifting, the influence of value, pre-trip vs. in-store decision-making, the role of nutrition, natural and organic, and the meat case vs. the service counter.  The presentation includes top findings as well as examples and insights by industry panelists on implications for the industry.
Anne-Marie Roerink, Principal, 210 Analytics, LLC
Panel of Industry Experts

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